Emergency Medical Service (EMS)

Garrard 皇冠皇冠贵宾会APP会APP Emergency Medical Service (EMS), also known as the Ambulance Department, provides the highest pre-hospital care to citizens in need; maintains an optimum state of readiness in order to provide effective emergency response when called upon; and works to promote and perpetuate a level of medical and health service training which best serves all residents of Garrard 皇冠皇冠贵宾会APP会APP.

EMS provides twenty-four hour coverage of Advanced and Basic Life Support services to the residents of Garrard 皇冠皇冠贵宾会APP会APP, 皇冠皇冠贵宾会APP会APP. All ambulance personnel are Emergency Medical Technicians or Paramedics certified by the Commonwealth of 皇冠皇冠贵宾会APP会APP.

EMS responds to approximately 3,000 皇冠皇冠贵宾会APP会APP emergency and non-emergency per year. Over half of of these 皇冠皇冠贵宾会APP会APP are to the City of Lancaster. The service provides standby services for fires, athletic events, and community functions as needed.

Garrard 皇冠皇冠贵宾会APP会APP EMS is owned, operated and funded by the Garrard 皇冠皇冠贵宾会APP会APP Fiscal Court.

EMS Director Tim May

319 Stanford Street
Lancaster, KY 40444
(859) 792-6288

Administrative Office Hours: